Personal Protection Services

Event Protection

At many events, there are often people who show up without an invitation and want to join in. Our aim is to make sure that private events stay private.

Peace of mind before, during and after your event. Select from our expert services.

  • Pre-Event Assessment of Risk

  • Peace of Mind Throughout Your Entire Event

  • Professionals with Security/Law Enforcement Background

“The exclusive event for my wife was amazing mostly due to me not worrying about it being secure because SOFF was present”

-Tanvir H., Santa Monica, CA

Personal Protection Services

Frequently Booked Services

Dating Protection

55% of online daters faced issues like deceptive identities and rejection; genuine connections matter more than high expectations.

Ladies Night Out

A nearby officer ensures venue safety, maintaining the celebration’s enjoyment and deterring unwanted guests.

Event Protection

Uninvited attendees can disrupt public events. We’re committed to safeguarding event privacy.