Personal Protection Services

Dating Protection

55% of people using dating apps have faced problems. These issues go from dealing with fake identities to feeling hurt by being rejected. SOFF Personal Protection is the solution to ensuring a safe and secure in-person dating experience.

Customize your dating protection service with our focused solutions

  • Pre-Date Assessment Background Check

  • Collaborative Pre-Risk Assessment of Location

  • Transportation To/From Date Location (If Needed)

  • Trained Near Monitoring

  • Peace of Mind Ensuring Date Ends Well

“After too many first date mishaps, this service was the push I needed to get back in the dating game”

-Sara S., Riverside, CA

Personal Protection Services

Frequently Booked Services

Ladies Night Out

A nearby officer ensures venue safety, maintaining the celebration’s enjoyment and deterring unwanted guests.

Event Protection

Uninvited attendees can disrupt public events. We’re committed to safeguarding event privacy.

Unique Protection Services
Customize a service for travel, court sessions, meetings or other unique services for expert personal protection