Hiring Contract Officer
SOFF Trained Professionals

Job Title: Personal Protection Officers (PPO) Trained Professional

Job Type: Contract

– A SOFF Ops Personal Protection Officer will make it their mission to ensure the client is protected in life threatening situations and in their daily activities. As a Personal Protection Officer, it will be your responsibility to protect the client, the clients property, and potentially travel locally with client.

– There will be standards for personal grooming and appearance set by the client. Individuals that are interested will be further vetted for appropriateness of assignment


Minimum Qualifications of Trained Professional

· Must be 21 yrs. of age

· Ability to pass a background check, (Must submit to an extensive background check)

· 24/7 Availability

-Must possess at least one of the following:

4 years of service in Military Occupational Specialty related to law enforcement, security (such as Military Police, Elite Military Forces, combat arms) or any support role in a Combat Zone.

Graduate of a Certified Public Safety Academy (military or civilian) in the law enforcement, adult corrections, or firefighter field.

Bachelor’s degree in law enforcement or criminal justice related studies.

A minimum of 8 or more years of active service in any military branch.

Associate degree (or 60 credits) or higher in law enforcement or criminal justice with 2 years of prior active military service.

Skills required

Excellent verbal and written communication skills

Active listening skills

Ability to assess and evaluate situations effectively

Ability to identify critical issues quickly and accurately

Attention to detail

Excellent customer service skills

Physical Requirements and Environment

Environment: Indoor and outdoor, temperature ranges from moderate to extreme cold/heat.

Major activity: Walking, standing, speaking, listening, observing, possibly running.

Physical efforts to carry out job duties: Standing, walking, and sitting

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