Say goodbye to wondering how safe you, your family, and your employees are and get ready to confidently know the people and things you care about are safe at all times.

With the growing threats of home burglary, vandalism and other such crimes, our service professionals insures our security products work best for you



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Our Risk Assessment Service Includes

Security Systems Options

Home Security Systems

The home security system is the overall security set up that you desire this can  include security cameras, Alarm system, smart automation, audio/video, and intercoms.  A system is installed around your property and alerts you if there is someone around your property.

Home Alarm Systems

Setting up an alarm will aid you in apprehending a criminal who trespasses on your property. We’ll make sure to properly secure your space with state of the art alarms, and you will be immediately notified as soon as there is a suspected criminal presence at your location.

Home Security Cameras

Easy-to-use remote video viewing for 24/7 documentation.  Our systems include their own database to store video/audio for review. Using new age technology protecting your home or assets is easier to install and you can engage in your daily activities with the peace of mind of knowing your assets are being monitored.  

Smart Automation

If you feel suspicious of people around you, or you’ll very much prefer not to have a person gain access to a specific portion of your space, we’ll make sure to install restrictions to portions of your location.  


Powered by 4G LTE technology and a plug-and-play modem giving you the ability to see your cameras on any device whether your at home or away.  Adding audio capabilities to your system allows you to hear what the cameras are seeing as well.  


Telephone system used to allow entry through a door or doors in a single or multi-family residential environment or office building

How it works

Schedule a your risk assessment

Schedule your free consultation to discuss your concerns along with proactive measures in giving you the peace of mind you desire

We come in and provide a full risk assessment of your property

We provide a one-on-one customized assessment onsite to identify potential hazards and analyze what could happen if hazards occurs prior to selection of systems required.

We schedule your installation based on your risk assessment service choices

Relax in knowing you have well-trained electrical contractors installing state of the art equipment.

We take care of all the leg work

All concerns along with service needs are handled through protection agency giving you peace of mind throughout entire process, freeing you to continue daily task

We make sure the installation was to your standard

We follow up to make sure that your system is working and providing the protection you need. If there are any issues we make sure they get fixed.

is a security camera enough?

Why would you want a full risk assessment

Number of violent crimes in San Bernardino County 2020
10805 43%
Number of property crimes in San Bernardino County 2020
14457 57%
Property Crime in California compared to all crimes 2020
841,171 82%
Burglary and Motor Vehicle Crime in California 2020
313,423 37%

Think there is no crime around you.  Take a look at our statistics and you can see that the majority of crime is from theft and property.  

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