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A PPO is used to describe an officer/specialists that understand that their most important and most lethal weapon is their mind. They may carry a gun, but recognize pre incident indicators to violence. They often times reduce your risk by identifying vulnerabilities and threats before they materialize.

Personal safety is very important and in most cases individuals want to place the importance of awareness in someone else’s hands. Weather your on a date meeting someone for the first time or at a crowded concert enjoying your favorite artist.

Our mission is to provide high class personal protection to ANY working class individual no matter their financial status. Its is our goal in providing a plan that fits your financial statues, to make you look and feel important again.

Often times when out with friends one is considered the responsible adult or none at all leaving a window in the unplanned moment of your safety being compromised. Having a trained professional near in the event of a possible incident taking place minimizes the worry ensuring a relaxed environment.

Personal safety is very important and in most cases a criminal looks to harm or attack someone of lower statues knowing that no one may be near to protect them. Being out with friends, often times there are unwanted guests.

No, There are different levels of personal protection; Close protection officer (CPO) keeps clients safe from unwanted attention or physical harm. Distant Officer, they are responsible for assessing security measures and providing discreet surveillance (There, but not there). Their work includes: Protecting their clients from threats of physical violence.

Typically a PPO (Personal Protection Officer) dress in a black professional suit, but is able to adapt along with blend into any environment in a professional manner.

Often times when ordering a ride share service it is a total stranger increasing risk of safety or you may experience an unclean vehicle that may be below your standards. Having a security professional ensures a familiar face to get you to and from your event lower risk of safety along with a comfortable relaxing ride.

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