In the ever-evolving landscape of the real estate market, one issue demands our urgent attention: the encroachment of squatters upon investment properties.

Recent years have witnessed a distressing correlation between the rise in homelessness and the alarming increase in squatters illegally occupying vacant homes. To safeguard your investments and ensure a seamless sales process, I implore you to consider the profound benefits of having a dedicated on-site security officer.

The Rise in Homeless Population and Squatters:

Startling findings from recent studies reveal a significant surge in the homeless population within the last 12 months. This regrettable escalation has directly contributed to a surge in squatters unlawfully occupying unattended properties.

The Importance of On-Site Security Officers:

Engaging the services of a diligent security officer throughout the sales process offers an array of invaluable advantages:


Prevention of Unauthorized Occupancy: A vigilant security officer acts as an unwavering deterrent, effectively dissuading potential squatters and unauthorized individuals from trespassing into vacant properties. This ensures the sanctity of the properties, safeguarding them from unauthorized occupation.
Enhanced Property Protection: A seasoned security officer provides an indispensable layer of defense against vandalism, theft, and property damage. Their unwavering presence upholds the immaculate condition of the properties, thus preserving their value for discerning buyers.
Improved Client Safety: With an astute security officer on-site, both real estate agents and potential buyers can bask in an unparalleled sense of safety and security during property viewings and open houses. This unshakable peace of mind elevates the overall experience and fosters enduring client relationships.
Prompt Response to Emergencies: In the face of emergencies or suspicious activities, a proficient security officer can swiftly respond, ensuring the safety and well-being of all parties involved. Their presence mitigates potential risks and facilitates the effective resolution of any emerging issues.

Emphasize success stories of previous real estate clients who have tangibly benefited from the inclusion of dedicated security officers.


Cost: Employing a dedicated security officer entails additional expenses. However, when considering the potential risks and losses associated with squatters and property damage, this investment emerges as a prudent choice that outweighs the financial implications of forgoing such measures.
Logistics and Scheduling: Orchestrating the presence of a security officer may demand meticulous planning and scheduling, particularly during property viewings and open houses. Rest assured, our esteemed team at [Company Name] offers tailored and flexible solutions seamlessly aligned with your unique requirements.

Thank you for considering the importance of having a dedicated on-site security officer to protect your investments and ensure a smooth sales process. SOFF is committed to providing first-class security services tailored to your specific needs.

Together, let’s take proactive steps to secure your properties and maintain a thriving real estate market.

Samuel Gross III | Founder & CEO
Live With No Regrets